Frank - Before

Frank – Before

Frank Goal Shirt too loose

Frank Goal Shirt too loose

“Frank and I are both really well and our journey is continuing. Frank is down to 97.4kg and I was 71.9kg when we weighed in last week. We are both close to our goals but the goals just aren’t so important now. Just feeling awesome…”

Frank & Rebecca Assman


Rebecca - Before

Rebecca – Before

Rebecca Assman NowIMG_0573

Rebecca Unzipped


“For me it gave me an avenue and ability to channel my stress and the weight loss was an added bonus“  Rebecca



Trish @ 156kg

Trish @ 156kg

Trish October 13

Trish October 13


I can’t tell you how much my life has changed after losing half my body weight. I am a new person and I am slim and healthy. I want that for you too. This is an opportunity of a life time to work on yourself with Maggie Wilde, who is one of Australia’s most brilliant clinical hypnotherapists. My only regret is that I didn’t find Maggie many years ago and saved myself years of physical and emotional pain.      Trish Walker

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Joanne @ 124.5kg

Joanne @ 124.5kg


Monday, 10 September 2012 5:05 PM

Hi Maggie,
I have now been on the program for 18 weeks and have lost an amazing 18.4kg!!!!!!
Regards  Joanna Carlson


Joanna Unzipped

Joanna Unzipped

Saturday, 12 October 2013 11:17 AM

Hi Maggie, I am very well and doing great!!
So far I have lost an amazing 40kg!! 😉  I would ultimately like to lose a further 15 to 20kg.
So keep watching this space. I have been telling all who ask that my success has been mainly down to the help of
your program which has helped me where so many others failed.

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Linda McNamara“I’m still losing weight. Well over 5kgs in the time I’ve been listening in on your webinars. That’s how good you are Maggie!! Even someone who isn’t officially participating, who never set out consciously to lose weight, who is more focused on the technical side the webinar than the content, and hasn’t made any apparent dietary or lifestyle changes, is losing weight without trying. (Not that I’m complaining 🙂 How’s that for an endorsement?!?”

(Linda from Pinnacle Training in the UK is the technical advisor for our weekly webinars)


20 October, 2014

Wendy Agars

“I’ve already lost 18kgs and all I’ve done so far is read the book, follow the commitments and listen to the CPR Audios. I’ve had one 3 hour session with Maggie Wilde and I’ve got my health back. Thank you so much Maggie.”


On 25/03/14 12:36 PM, “br@bigpond.com” wrote:
Hi Trish,
How are you?
Thankyou for the pdf’s. Much appreciated.
Me. I’m doing great thanks. My headset is doing leaps & bounds on it’s journey to change.
As of last Saturday I am now 1 stone lighter. Yay! I’d like to let you
know of a few of my journal entries to give you an insight into my
progress to the positive.  Here they are:

I turned the tv on today. A movie was about to start. The first words I
saw was: – ‘Love is where you are’. These will be my first words on my
‘vision board’. I’m in the process of making a vision board so I can
encourage myself in my progress, map my achievements & envision where I
will be on reaching my goals.

Felt pleased with myself today. Did Easter Egg shopping & didn’t buy
any for me. I put them in robe in spare room & I’m not even tempted. Yay!!!

I grabbed a few groceries today & only bought what I intended to buy.

Great nutrition variety day today. Felt like curried egg sandwich last
couple days. Decided to have healthy version. Wrap – sprinkle
curry/avocado/boiled egg/spinach-kale-collards/few mixed seeds. Yum.
1 x brazil nut & 2 almonds before eating for added protein. I say again.

So yes, I am very happy with myself now-a-days. I often have a smile on
my face due to my progress for inner health, The skin on my face even
feels much smoother now.

I’m amazed at how well the hypnosis session with Maggie to rid myself
of my craving for chocolate worked. Not only that it worked but also
the intensity of the feeling I feel in my throat when I even think of
chocolate. I’m feeling it right now.

Can you please pass my progress results onto Maggie. I know that you
are both very busy but I am happy to share my feelings & progress with
you both.

Thanks again for the pdf’s & for your time.
With best wishes

On 17/03/14 7:30 AM, “Wendy A” wrote:

Hi Maggie
I’m feeling so much better, many shifts have happened since I met with
you, especially in week 3-4. I was initially very resistant to moving,
then had a disappointment with the reading on the scales which I
allowed to knock me sideways… Then my inner coach/ kind voice kicked
in and I made a specific plan, stuck to it, and am now walking everyday
and also enjoying it!
I have no particular cravings and there seems to be a complete
disconnection from the sweet stuff in the supermarket while shopping
which is fantastic.
I was initially a bit sceptical about the Tapping, having never heard
of this before, and for about the first 10 days felt no difference with
doing it but I tuned in to your audios and also listened to the world
Tapping summit that was on line recently and just tapped and tapped
(fake it til ya make it….!) I’ve been amazed at the shift, especially
since getting over talking to myself and not worrying about what I say,
and just using my own words.
Still working with tapping to remove some old beliefs such as “if you
haven’t lost the weight you need to lose once you reach menopause age
you’ve got ‘buckleys’ of ever shifting it’  plus my fear of yo yo
dieting and doing the same silly behaviour all over again. Your audio
re this has been very helpful.
Overall I feel calmer, more in touch with my feelings and emotions, my
kind compassionate voice has taken over from the critical one and the
critical one through tapping has been told ‘on ya bike’ and sent away.
My hip and knee problems have greatly reduced and I’m hardly using any
Panadol or anti inflammatory medicines. I sleep soundly. My weight has
gone from 87.7 kg on Feb 13, to 80.5kg this morning so I feel very
proud of myself. I feel surer than before that I can do this as a way
of life rather than just being ‘on a program for a time just to lose
weight’ and keep it off this time.
Chat soon,

From: helen h
Date: Monday, 10 March 2014 8:13 PM
To: Maggie Wilde <maggie@maggiewilde.com>
Subject: first week

HI Maggie,

Just a quick note to say that this week has been very interesting . I seem to have had different reactions as my mind  and body are changing . For a few days after the workshop I had a sort of  unsettled  physical feeling which has passed and also I have begun to do things that I haven’t done for a long time. I have found myself putting on nail polish and have stopped biting my nails ( hope that continues) and also find myself choosing clothes from my wardrobe that I haven’t worn for a long time. I have been looking at clothes in shop windows and taking more time with my hair. It seems to be a subconcious shift .NIce. I have a sort of feeling as if I am beginning to wake up out of a long sleep .I hope this doesn’t sound too silly but I am enjoying the process and hope that it continues. I feel hopeful and calm.

Thanks Maggie

Kind regards,


On 3/03/14 4:30 PM, “Pascale T”  wrote:
Hi Maggie and Trish

This time 24 hours ago I was In a very relaxed state – and guess what –
I still am !!!
Amazing things have happened in the last 24 hours
– had lovely meaningful, chewy dinner with a lovely glass of sparkling
– enjoyed cleaning up after dinner (def a first)
– practised the 10 commitments
– unsuccessfully tried to download yr audios to my iPhone – no stress –
I will try again tonight
– read yr book (not quite all of it)
– had a good night sleep
– had a shower this morning and my eyes saw the scales but was not even
tempted to ‘slowly step on them’
– I had a good positive chat to myself in the mirror – and the other me
even answered back positively and smiled at me!!
– I feel that I should be going to supermarket,  or be counting
calories or points or something to prepare myself for my new
‘lifestyle’ to get ready to abandon my excess kilos – but no – I don’t have to do anything.
I don’t even have to think about it!!
– I was talking to a friend on the phone briefly saying how wonderful
my weekend was and noticed after that I said to her -‘I feel so good I
could do anything today’!

So that’s just a few things I have noticed – WOW!! What a change

Thank you thank you thank you so so so much for the faith, inspiration
and guidance

Of course I would like to add that yes I would like to be invited to
next Mondays Webinar. I am not sure if I can listen directly or will
have to reply it later. Depends on the time

So that all for now my ladies.
Au revoir

From: helen h
Date: Monday, 3 March 2014 9:45 AM
To: Maggie Wilde <info@thepotentialist.com>
Subject: Melbourne Unzip the Fat Suit workshop 1 and 2 March

HI Maggie and Trish,

I want to say a big “thank you”  to you both for a wonderful weekend .  Maggie your ability to convey the information  so clearly  and to walk us through it with such compassion, kindness and fun was lovely to be part of.  Trish I am so inspired by your achievements and  it gives me hope that I can do it too.

Thanks again for everything.

From: Julie J
Date: Wednesday, 26 February 2014 8:22 AM
To: Maggie Wilde <info@thepotentialist.com>
Subject: Re:  Unzip the FAt Suit workshop weekend 22 and 23 Feb

It was lovely to meet you on the weekend. You are such an inspiration. I’m definitely noticing some changes in my thinking about food as a result of the workshop which is fantastic. It feels like I am no longer a slave to how I was thinking about food and it is far easier for me to choose the healthy option and eat a smaller portion. I also feel satisfied a lot of the time and so not craving between meals – yay!!

I’m definitely keen to get in to listening these audios and keeping up the momentum that started on the weekend.

Thanks for your help.

On 23/02/14 9:12 PM, Robin C wrote:
Hi Maggie and Trish,

Just before I close my eyes I wanted to say thank you so much for this
weekend.  I have learnt so much that my head feels heavy with
information which I will work on tomorrow when it’s quiet.  I want to
thank you for helping me learn to love myself. You have given me a
precious gift that I will always treasure.

You are both bright stars in the world and I feel extraordinarily
blessed to have spent this time with you.
With great thanks,

From: Linda
Date: Wednesday, 19 February 2014 12:21 PM
To: Maggie Wilde <maggie@maggiewilde.com>
Subject: Re: The Potentialist – Order Update

Hi Maggie
I just want to tell you I love your products so much, but more importantly,  the positivity is fantastic.  And its working!!!!
It’s as if this is the final piece of the jigsaw that I’ve been needing for so very long.
They’re a part of my life everyday as oxygen.
Thank you so much.
Linda C

From: Mary R
Date: Monday, 10 February 2014 9:12 PM
To: Maggie Wilde <info@thepotentialist.com>
Subject: RE:  Unzip Sydney workshop

Hello Maggie,

Thank you so much for that amazing weekend, and for the concern and kindness you showed us all.  I’m in awe of your skills and the tremendous way you use them to help people change their lives.  You and Trish are truly inspirational  –  it was a real pleasure to get to know you a little.  I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

I’ll say good-bye for now because I’m off to rehearse outfit.  I bought a dress for my motivation outfit because I don’t have any in my wardrobe and I can’t remember how many years it is since I ever wore one.   However, after I lose my next 2 kilos I’ll be able to try it on.

Again, my heartfelt thanks.  All the best to you and Trish   …….


From:  Mardi W
Date: Sunday, 9 February 2014 3:18 PM
To: Maggie Wilde <maggie@minddesigncentre.com>
Subject: RE:  “3 Weight Loss Audio Pack”

Thank you so much for all your help and the added audios.
I have enjoyed listening to them so far and have had the best sleep in
a long time as they are that relaxing.
Thanks again,
From: Anne S
Sent: Tuesday, 28 January 2014 9:42 AM
To: info@thepotentialist.com
Subject: Success So Far

Hi Maggie,

After attending your 2 day program in Cairns I got stuck into the 10 commitments following them to the letter and have had great success.
In my first week I lost 4 Kg, I thought I was imagining it and got off and on the scales several times to make sure I was reading them correctly.
I found everything so easy, I’m listening to the audios, chewing slowly and eating a lot less than I used to without feeling hungry or deprived.
Thank you so much, I will keep you updated with my progress.

Anne S

From: Belinda
Date: Tuesday, 3 December 2013 2:40 PM
To: Maggie Wilde <maggie@maggiewilde.com>
Subject: Belinda F testimonial

Hi Maggie, Belinda here, was very proud on Saturday, got to walk into Rockmans and buy a shirt from the rack and not the fat lady area.”

Belinda Fischer

Port Douglas Clinic