Switch Off Self Doubt – Activate Super Powers

Super Powers – You Already Have…

By Maggie Wilde

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use your ‘golden lasso of truth like Wonder Woman… or have the super human strength of Superman himself?

You may not fly at the speed of light or spin a web and swing from tall buildings, but you already have super powers of your own; and it’s time to acknowledge and develop them with the super power of your mind.

Imagination – The Super Power to Create and Rewire Your Brain and Body

Having an active imagination is your master super power. You were born with an innate ability to imagine and create. Your brain does not differentiate between imagined scenarios and what’s happening in the outside world. To imagine your slim and healthy body as if it’s here right now is to speak the language of creation. When you hold a thought for just 68 seconds, you develop new neural connections.  That’s how your brain learns…now that’s a super power…! What slim and healthy imaginations do you choose to focus your mind and brain on today?

Intuition – The Super Power of Insight

Instinct or ‘gut feelings…’ what super hero would be without this one? You were born with it too… Instinct and intuition is your power to listen to inspiration, trust in yourself and others and be ready to take inspired action. The power helps you know who to trust and who to avoid, when to encourage and when to be patient. This is the magic ingredient of the Super successful! Are you listening intuitively to your body and its messages? Are you listening to your stomach and how little it really needs to feel satisfied?

Endurance – The Super Power to Face Adversity

Let’s face it we all have a story; we all have challenges to face. We pursue goals even after we’ve failed. We can endure physical and emotional pain, resist cravings, and even face our demons with this super power. Dig deep and connect to this… it’s there for you to pick yourself up and try, try again. Do it differently this time by using my Brain Training Recipe below.

Courage – the Super Power To Do it Anyway

We have the power to overcome fears and reach for our potential. We all have the choice to find the courage to ask for help when we need support. Are you courageous enough to ask? Our Potentialist team are always happy to help.

Mind Reading – the Super Power to Assume (not always to your benefit)

This super power can work for you and against you. Too often we use this super power to mind read what we think others are thinking of us. Are you using this super power to move forward or stay stuck?

If you are ever in doubt of your innate super powers… use my BRAIN TRAINING RECIPE to eliminate doubt and tap into your potential.



Rub or tap on each of the fingertips and thumb, ending on the karate point) as you say:

That doubt or fear

There it is

That’s not me

That’s just old wiring

I feel it here … (take note of wherever the sensation or thought is)

It feels like this (state what it feels like e.g. tight, urgent etc)

I choose to switch that wiring off

Tap or rub on these points as you say the corresponding statement

Inside eye by the bridge of the nose: This sensation

Outside eye: I feel it here… (state where)

Under eye: It feels like…. (state what the sensation is)

Under nose: That doubt or fear

Crease of Chin: All just wiring

Chest point again: I switch off self doubt

Tap or rub on each finger and thumb and end on the Karate Chop as you say:

Enough is enough, the past is the past

It’s only wiring; I choose to switch it off

I forgive myself for doubting my power

I know differently now

I forgive myself for fearing my success

I know differently now

I activate intuition

I activate imagination

I activate endurance

I activate compassion

I activate courage

That old wiring happened, its over, I switch it off

I activate my super powers

I switch that old wiring off 

I activate the real me

I feel calm, I feel good…I am in control

My super powers are stronger every day

I am in control

Then as you breathe out:

I switch that old fear and doubtful wiring off

I let it go….

I activate my super powers now

Assess how you feel after this and if you need to do it again to release further doubt, do so now or use it to switch off other doubts or fears.

I will always have a BRAIN TRAINING RECIPE or other simple tips to help … so reach out and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT

To your potential,


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