Switch Off Sweet Cravings

Taking control of what, when and how much you eat…

By Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

Often clients talk about feeling as though they have specific foods that ‘call them’… or  foods that they ‘can’t say no to’. In the next few blog posts I’ll be tackling the sweet, savoury and saltiness of those foods. I’l be providing specific Brain Training Recipes (BTR’s) to switch off the cravings or those unconscious urges that seem out of your control to stop. (Perhaps like me in the past, there’s a little bit of resistance and the rebellious part of you that doesn’t want to stop either…?) In the coming weeks we’ll address rebellion for rebellion sake with a BTR too…)

Use this BTR daily (at first you might need to do it a few times a day if cravings are strong). If however, you have a longstanding pattern of over indulging on sweet foods, then I recommend using this every day for 84 days and notice the shifts and changes.

Be Your Potential

Maggie Wilde

The Potentialist

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