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Hypnosis Gastric Band Weight Loss Program - 2 x Self Hypnosis CD Pack

Hypnosis Gastric Band Weight Loss Program - 2 x Self Hypnosis CD Pack
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Hypnosis Gastric Band Weight Loss Program - 2 Audio Pack includes:

Hypnosis Gastric Band – Permanent Easy Weight Reduction

Part 1: Unzip the fat suit for the last time! Allow the Hypnosis Gastric Band to help you feel fuller faster on far less food. Feel that deep satisfied feeling for far longer. Easily feel satisfied on smaller portions, healthier options and feel more motivated to create that healthier you at last. This is the first of a 2 part program helping you create your ideal weight and shape and size. Please see the details for part 2 – Comfortable on Far Less Food – Activate your Weight Control Mechanism.

Comfortable on Far Less Food – Activate Your Weight Control Mechanism

Part 2: Hypnosis Gastric Band Weight Reduction Program. This CD will support your weight reduction journey by activating your ideal weight control mechanism. This is the part of you that knows when and how to say no to excess food. You were born with an original mechanism, a blueprint that understood the ‘full satisfied feeling’ and how to push the food away. This self hypnosis program can help reactivate that original blueprint today. Food and eating has nothing to do with emotions – we can disconnect that today. Your subconscious will remember that we eat to provide nutrition to be healthy, food is simply the fuel your body needs to live.

Please Note: When using the Gastric Band approach to weight reduction both Part 1 & Part 2 must be purchased and used as a package. Other individual titles can be added as and when you feel ready to tackle each new approach.

2 CD Set $48.00 + Postage

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