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Freedom from Anger and Resentment - CD

Freedom from Anger and Resentment - CD
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Freedom from Anger & Resentment

When we find freedom from unhelpful emotions and attitudes that have held us back in the past, it frees us to finally create the life of our dreams. Old resentments and angers harm our mind and body. Building over time, they become crippling to our health, relationships and life. Follow this journey to free yourself from these states and open to the potential of a healthier mind, body and attitude. It’s not about making other people, events or circumstances wrong or right; it is simply about becoming free of unhelpful emotional reactions to past issues and future possibilities. Maybe it’s time to set you free to reach your potential after all! A great individual Self Hypnosis CD or Audio Download or use it to enhance any of Maggie Wilde’s other programs.

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