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CAIRNS POST:   “Maggie Wilde’s book “Unzip The Fat Suit” uses the Power of the Mind to Succeed”  April 26 2014

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SUNRISE Channel 7  February 4 2014

“Trish Walker dropped over half her body weight by using one of Australia’s leading hypnotherapists. Can it be true? She and Maggie Wilde chat to Sunrise.”

RADIO 4BC  Brisbane  John Scott Health and Wellbeing show March 15 2014

ABC Ballarat March 11 2014


Ballarat Courier

 RADIO 2UE (Dicko) Sydney  February 2014

A CURRENT AFFAIR  January 2014

“They’re the New Year diets that actually work and will make those extra kilos disappear.  On A Current Affair, Australia’s weight-loss heroes who shed their sizes and know they’ll keep it off.”

CAIRNS LIFE January 2014

RADIO 4CA   listen here    A participant’s view of Unzip the Fat Suit with Mike Bailey   January 14 2014

COAST FMlisten here  Maggie speaks about Virtual Gastric Banding

COAST FMlisten here Maggie speaks about Work Life & Reducing Stress

COAST FMlisten here Maggie speaks about the various Modalities of Hypnotherapy

ABC Capricornia with Rebecca McLaren  January 12 2014

RADIO 2 UE Sydney George and Paul weekend show January 2014

WOMAN’S DAY November 4 2013

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Trish in the Daily Mail


LONDON DAILY MAIL   November 3 2013

“Learning to ‘unzip the fat suit’: Obese woman so heavy she needed both knees replaced loses over 12st through hypnosis” Read more




Train Your Mind to Lose Weight

“Forget embarrassing impersonations and swinging fob watches, hypnotherapy is changing lives with its approach to mindset, and it is now recognised by the medical profession as a powerful alternative therapy.

Clinical hypnotherapist Maggie Wilde reveals the potential of the mind and its role in weight loss in her new book “Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind.”

Read more:   Sydney Morning Herald