Here’s what you get in the Emotional Eating Solutions Program

6 Months Brain Training & Tailored Coaching and Therapy Sessions Live with Maggie and her Team

6 Months access to all Online Brain Training Modules providing the structure and skills you need to take control of your relationship with food, your confidence, and your body.

6 Months membership to LIVE weekly Coaching and Brain Training Therapy with Maggie Wilde (live and interactive)

Emotional Eating Solutions profiling with our Appetite and Stress Eating questionnaires so both you and Maggie know where you’re at now and where you want to be in 6 months

Tailored Control, Program & Rewire Brain Training Audio Kit, yours for life

Personal Invite to the Secret Support Group where Maggie and her team can be contacted daily to answer your questions, and provide support

Emotional Eating Solutions Brain Training Program

Is more than you’ll ever expect. The Program is a complete Personal Development journey. In order to create a healthy and normal relationship to food and our body, we also need to change our mind, increase our baseline of self-esteem and reprogram how we see ourselves in the mirror so that know how to never repeat the same mistakes and habits again. The Program includes modules that help you to:

  • Develop the necessary brain training skills to conquer cravings and disconnect unhelpful emotional attachments to eating and food. You’ll experience the freedom that comes with a normal healthy relationship to food.
  • Advanced brain training to assist you to succeed fast
  • Manage stress and stop triggers that cause cravings
  • Overcoming challenges like self-sabotage, procrastination, and excuses and create the optimum headspace for success
  • Release the ‘heavyweights’ of the past so your brain will no longer trigger old habits
  • Forgive mistakes and retrain to focus on moving forward
  • Feel inspired to move your body. Turn motivation into inspiration. Choose healthy food, movement and thoughts
  • Address old beliefs, reactions & thoughts that block success
  • Build self esteem & confidence, choose health
  • Boost body confidence, learn the skills to reprogram your relationship with your body. Like who you see in the mirror
  • Eliminate the yo-yoing effect, you’ll never have to diet again
  • How to make the change permanent and easy
  • How to release weight permanently and rewire your ideal weight, size and shape and so much more…

6 Months Live & Interactive Support and Mentoring from me and my team


  • BONUS: SOS CALL - One-on-one Consult with Maggie Wilde to be used at any time during your program tailored to address your specific challenges.
  • BONUS Stop self-sabotage Control, Program and Rewire Brain Training Kit
  • BONUS Emotional Eating Solutions Recipe Pack and Plans
  • BONUS Maggie's award-winning 'Unzip Weight'  12 Week Brain Training Kit! 12-week brain training kits... each week receive a new CONTROL, PROGRAM & REWIRE kit
  • That's over $750 in bonuses!

How to Use the Emotional Eating Solutions Program

  • Access to the online modules lounge will be provided immediately with your password and username emailed to you. You can browse the program and start the Preliminary Module straight away by clicking and playing the videos.
  • Not Tech Savvy? That’s easily solved. When you join you can request a one on one phone call with a member of my team to walk you through the online lounge modules and guide you and then, remember you can ask for help daily in our support group or contact us via email or Facebook whenever you need.
  • Your personal links to LIVE therapy and Coaching will arrive in your inbox, you simply click the link a few minutes before the Live call each week and your access will be granted immediately.
  • Remember our Team is only an email or phone call away for any tech questions. Support is always available on our Secret Support Group

30 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

If it’s not for you, just contact our office before 30 days and we’ll provide a no-questions-asked refund and you get to keep the Award winning copy of Maggie’s Unzip Book as our way of saying ‘sorry for wasting your time’.

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