Festive Overindulgences? 7 Tips to Make this Season Great!

Dec 16, 2018

By Maggie Wilde - The Potentialist

No matter how focused and determined we are throughout the year, often it is during the lead up to the festive season with more social events and casual outings on offer that we tend to overindulge.

Christmas can often end up being the season of overindulgence with nibbles, sweet treats, and alcohol in constant supply.

I often hear from clients after the festivities are over that they’ve eaten more than they’re used to and regret the splurges.

Or, as 48-year-old Jenny told me this week, "I'm so annoyed with myself because my inner voice keeps telling me "Splurge now while you can, have more, you’re going on a diet in January  anyway.”

Jenny went on to tell me she hears herself say things like that earlier every season. She has another voice in her head that beats herself up too. She promises the same thing every year and knows she’s kidding herself by using the festive season as an excuse to sabotage herself.

So, what should you do to avoid overindulging and the guilt and regrets that follow, especially in the Christmas season? Here are my season's tips to help you enjoy the festivities and love and respect your body and digestive system too. Let’s make this season even better than the last!

Tip One:

No longer think about ‘I can or can’t, should or shouldn’t have this or that.’ Realise that a little of it eaten slowly and joyfully will satisfy you far more than the belly ache of too much.

Tip Two:

Eat a healthy snack before the event. Never go to an outing where you know there will be nibbles and party food with an empty stomach or with a ‘starving' attitude.

Tip Three:

Avoid skipping meals. This psychologically triggers the desire to overindulge as you’re more inclined to eat more to ‘replace’ the deficit.

Tip Four:

Avoid mindless picking and snack foods while chatting or doing other things. You'll eat more than you realise and not register fullness or satisfaction. When you eat slowly and savour each bite, mindfully focusing on the textures and flavours, sight and smell of the food as you eat, your brain will register you've eaten and activate the full and satisfied feeling. You'll naturally eat less and feel more sated by doing this.

Tip Five:

Check in with your stomach and body regularly throughout the event and especially after eating something, once you register the satisfied feeling, choose no to more. Push the excess away.

Tip Six:

Never eat for the sake of it; if you try something and it isn't absolutely delicious, it's not worth the kilojoules. Stop eating, and push the rest away.

Tip Seven:

Remember this is not the last time you'll ever see or be offered this kind of food; the festive season comes around every year. There is not going to be a world shortage of festive food or beverages. By realising this, the urgency to say yes to everything or have even more of it diminishes. There's no urgency anymore. The feeling that you're missing out goes when you understand you can choose no today and there'll still be other opportunities later.

For extra help, go to my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/maggiewildeauthor or YouTube channel, and you'll find a bunch of brain training recipes to switch off cravings, and festive food urges.  

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Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist x


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