Easy, Natural Weight Loss Without Dieting or Counting Kilojoules

Sep 08, 2018

Feel Fuller Faster and Eat Less in 3 Easy Steps

Let's face it, whether you want to be a little healthier or have a desire for weight loss, the old willpower method is the hardest and scientifically, the least successful way to get long-term success.

Statistically, if you keep trying to shed weight and change eating patterns by dieting and using willpower, you’re pre-programmed to fail in the long run.

The fact is, over 75% of us have been taught to connect emotions and stress with food, so no matter how long you resist your comfort foods when dieting, your brain is guaranteed to trip you up on those extra stressful days. Willpower is overpowered by the emotional urge for comfort using food, snacks and for some, even too much alcohol or other unhelpful substances.

If you really want to make an impact on your weight loss regimen or health, then the latest neuroscience (the science of brain learning) tells us that training your mind to help your brain bypass willpower and activate what I call choice power, is the only way to succeed in the long-term.

Let's think of it this way of training your mind to activate what I call ‘your personal health coach'. When you have a coach instead of a critic inside your head, a supportive voice guiding and motivating you, you're more likely to obtain lasting results.

Below are the three first baby steps I use with clients to stop head or greedy appetite hunger and help make you feel full faster. By willingly wanting to eat less and miraculously, feeling more emotionally satisfied.

Follow these steps to help you reach your weight loss goal and be healthier in the most natural way possible.

Step 1: Ask your personal Health Coach to step up for you to support you on all food decisions

For example, ask your coach: “How will I feel a half hour after eating this?” If your coach indicates a heavy or unpleasant sensation, a negative thought or feeling then ask your coach again, “What healthy option do I choose instead?”

Step 2: Enjoy your food more. Savor every flavor.

Do not just swallow everything down. When you chew more slowly, it activates the saliva glands, reduces the appetite hormone 'greedy ghrelin', and increases the hormone that makes you feel more satisfied. This means you will easily consume fewer kilojoules because you want less food. And, the best bit? You'll feel more satisfied after eating less.

Step 3: Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls.

You will find that it is easier to chew more when the time between mouthfuls takes longer. Again, enjoy every bite. When you do this, you will appreciate more the textures and flavors of the food you are eating. You are not only losing weight, but you also enjoy your food more.

When you practice this more, you'll become a bit of a food 'snob.' The more you chew, contemplate the food between mouthfuls, the textures, flavors, smells, colors and the mindful experience of allowing each mouthful to be savored, you'll start to notice something constructive indeed. You'll notice there are some foods you've been eating so quickly, that once you slow the process down and be more mindful, you'll experience epiphany after epiphany. There are some foods you've only been eating out of habit.

Within a few days and weeks, you’ll discover you don’t actually like some of them as much as you thought you did. Slowing the process of eating down, you’ll start to think about what’s really in those processed foods. How much excess sugar, preservatives, chemicals, saturated fats and coloring you're really absorbing. You'll start questioning how much nutrition there actually is in the food you've been habitually whoofing down. Of course to achieve long-term change, continue doing steps 1, 2 and 3 until you have developed a new habit.

As you continue to use these three steps, you’ll become more mindful of the taste, textures, and flavors and you’ll soon notice that you have been eating some food out of habit alone. You will also realize that you do enjoy some food even more than you thought you did. The textures and flavors become enhanced. Food that every cell of your being has now discovered that you really do enjoy will be appreciated more.

You will easily be able to push the excess food away, ultimately eating far less of the food you realize you didn’t like as much as you thought. The pleasure factor with the foods that you do like will increase. This means you will choose to linger a little longer with them, eating them slowly. This provides time for your stomach to signal to your brain that you are already full and satisfied. This makes you eat far less than you are used to when you used to ‘wolf’ food down or inhale it while watching television or doing chores and being on the run.

When you eat without thinking, or while doing other things, you always eat more than you needed. When you do this, you will start choosing smaller portions so much more than you are used to. When you start eating less food, your kilojoules (calories) intake will be less. After that, your weight loss just happens.

Just be consistent with doing these 3 simple steps. If you do, one day you realize that you have already formed a habit and that you are already eating less! And, miraculously, your body responds and you achieve weight loss with ease.

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