6 Steps to Achieving What You Want in 2019

Dec 16, 2018

How to Stick to and Accomplish Your Goals

By Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

Do you set goals at each New Year? Will you do so for 2019? What about the year that has just gone, did you achieve what you wanted? How did 2018 work out for you?

What do you want for 2019?

If one of your goals over the coming year has to do with being a healthier version of you, then it’s time to start thinking about your ‘Why.’

Making resolutions is commendable; you’re committing to change for the better. But for many, sticking to their commitment and accomplishing that goal doesn’t always work out the way they wanted.

Reports by researchers at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania suggest that only 8% of our desired New Year resolutions are ever achieved.

Setting your reason ‘Why’ now will mean you may well be amongst that 8% who do. Remember, life does have a tendency to sometimes get in the way of our well-meant plans. So one of the ways you can stay on track is to always keep your eye (focus) on your personal motivational factor… your reason why! Your ‘Why’ is the thing that gives you an inspired boost of energy when you think about it. It keeps you going, even when life tries to knock you off track.

6 Steps to Achieving What You Want for 2019

1. Small Steps

Setting huge goals often overwhelms us and makes everything that needs to be done to achieve it seem daunting and activates the stress response. This causes us to ‘give up,’ sometimes before we’ve even got started.

So set the big picture goal then break it down to smaller manageable steps. Then place a realistic time frame and break the steps down into weekly action steps. For example, instead of focusing on the big picture goal of losing 30 pounds or 12 kilograms, keep your eye on the smaller steps of feeling healthy, doing one thing every day to move more, and saying yes to smaller portions at meal times. Check in at the end of each week and adjust your focus for the next week.

2. Find a support partner

I suggest a support group with similar ideas, ways of thinking and goals, or one close friend or family member with the same purpose. Always choose someone who is positive and determined with a passionate ‘why’ factor too.

Explain what you want and then ask them to hold you accountable and keep you in check. Ask for help when your mind wanders, or your resolve falters.

3. Be specific in what you want

Setting a vague goal is a sure-fire recipe to failure. If you resolve to save money, quantify that amount. How much exactly do you want and WHY? If your goal is health based, then find an outcome that can be measured in a way that is motivational. E.g., not just the number on the scale but to wear a specific outfit, and attend a particular event. Or achieve an ideal level of fitness, or action such as climb a mountain or do a mini-marathon.

The clearer it is, the more easily you’ll find it to stay on track.

4. Set your Why Factor (your intention)

When settling on your resolution, ask yourself “Why?”

How much do I really care about that goal? What does achieving it do for me, my life or my health, my future? Am I setting this goal just because I think I should or do I really want this? Problems arise when individuals set resolutions merely because they believe they should.

Your resolutions have to come from within you – not just your mind, but your heart and soul. When you think about the reasons you want that outcome, it should activate heightened emotional response and sensations in your body. That way, when little hiccups appear throughout the year, you can refocus your mind on your ‘Why’ and activate that intensity of inspired action again.

5. Mind Rehearse the success

Imagine or pretend in your mind every day, how you will feel once you have achieved your goal. If losing weight is your resolution, how will you feel walking around in your ideal shape and size body? What will you wear? How will it feel? How would you stand? How will you interact with the world differently? Activate all of your senses when you imagine this. Hear what you’d hear, see what you’d see and feel what you’d feel as if you’ve already achieved what you want.

Perhaps even cut out pictures of your desired shape from health or fitness magazines and create a vision board, put it in a place where you’ll see it daily. Hang your favourite desired outfit up as your goal outfit and imagine what it feels like to wear it as if you can right now.

6. Connect your goal to an existing habit

If you rely on willpower to achieve your goal then getting there will be harder than you think as willpower only works if there are no subconscious doubts or fears, sabotage patterns or habits at war with your desired outcome. To make things easier, attach your desired new smaller steps to already existing automated habits you do every day. For instance, Mind Rehearse your ideal outfit, or your health goal every time you brush your teeth. Or do one of my craving control techniques every time you go to the bathroom during the day.

Decision Time…

Once the New Year hype fades away, use the above steps to help you through the daily triggers that often knock us off track. Be patient and kind to you; remember achieving goals and changing habits will take a decision point, a moment when you decide this is important now.

Achieving your resolutions will take a plan, the right support, staying focused on your powerful ‘Why’ and the persistence to take small actions every day. After all, it took lots of years to get to this point, it’ll take just a few months of focus to get you to where you want to be at last!

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