7 Steps to Confidence

By Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

FREE Brain Training Recipe included. Switch off self doubt, activate confidence

Confidence and self-esteem are skills that can be learned, like the skill of playing a musical instrument or driving a car.

Learning occurs by developing new neural connections in the brain

When learning a new skill, we are at first clumsy, consciously analyzing if we performed that new skill correctly, often frustrated by our mistakes. That simply means we don’t have neural connections fully communicating as yet between the brain, nervous system, limbs or muscles.

Once we reinforce those new neural connections, the functions become more ‘comfortable’. Use them often enough and we don’t even have to think about that action consciously unless something new or unusual happens to interfere with the learned process.

The skills of confidence and self-esteem are the same

If your brain has not activated the neural connections associated with feeling confident, or if you have learned the neural pathways that activate self doubt or fear of failure, then confidence as a skill seems foreign, even impossible at first.

What if confidence and self-esteem were simply a set of neural connections wiring and firing together? If it were that simple it would mean that you could train those neural connections to wire and fire more often.

Try these strategies to activate the wiring and build confidence and self-esteem.

 It’s all simply wiring, firing you know!!

  1. BREATHE “I AM CONFIDENT – CONFIDENT I AM”  Take 3 deep breaths every morning just before you rise for the day. In that day-dreamy state repeat three times silently in your own mind “I am confident, confident I am”.
  1. THE POSTURE OF CONFIDENCE – MIRROR IT Draw on the expertise of others. When you recognize an air of confidence, observe it, study what makes that person so. Take note of their stance, the position of their shoulders or head. Practice these skills. The posture of your body will cause your brain to stimulate different Neuro-chemicals and lead to different sensations and emotions.
  1. ASK FOR HELP Be okay to know that confident people don’t let what others think of them hold them back. They simply recognize their strengths and weaknesses and confidently seek help to fill the gap. They ask for support to obtain what they need. They are not fearful of learning, to a confident person learning is a sign of strength and growth.
  1. PREPARATION AND PRACTICE Sometimes lack of confidence comes from lack of preparation and practice. Remember one of the ways the brain develops new neural connections (learns) is through repetition. Ensure you properly prepare yourself for the challenges you face. Mind rehearse (practice) the successful outcomes in your mind.
  2. GET TO KNOW YOURSELF Delve deep and find out who you are. Acknowledge your strengths and existing achievements Mind rehearse those achievements as if you are reliving them; repetition of the same neural connections will feed them and help those neural connections grow stronger. The more you use them; they’ll connect to other aligned connections. Thus, feeding your confidence more.
  1. SMILE MORE AND DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS OR TWO Just the act of smiling produces neuro chemicals that reinforce and connect like-minded neural connections. When you add an act of kindness to that smile, then the positive neural connections of pleasure, gratitude and happiness wire together.
  2. STRIVE FOR PERSISTENCE NOT PERFECTION Enjoy and embrace mistakes as a way to learn a better or more efficient solution. Perfection is wired with neural connections that will always lead you back to thoughts of not good enough. ‘ Persistence on the other hand wires with neural connections that lead to thoughts of ‘I’m giving it a go’ or ‘let’s do it again’.

Maggie’s FREE Brain Training Recipe

Release Self Doubt and Activate Confidence


Rub or tap on the tips of each finger and thumb ending on the karate chop as you say:

That sensation in my (say where the self-doubt sits in your body or head)

There it is

That’s not me

That’s just wiring

I feel it here … (take note of wherever the sensation or thought is)

It feels like this (say what it feels like)

I choose to switch that wiring off

Tap or rub on these points as you say the corresponding statement

Inside eye by the bridge of the nose: This self doubt

Outside eye: I feel it here… (state where)

Under eye: It feels like…. (state what the feeling or sensation is)

Under nose: I switch it off

Crease of Chin: It’s just wiring

Chest point again: I switch it off

Tap or rub on each finger and thumb ending on the Karate Chop as you say:

Enough is enough, the past is the past

It’s time to move on, its time to move forward

I choose to switch doubt off

I release self doubt and choose to activate confidence

I switch off doubt and activate confidence

I feel confident about …(state what it is that you want to build confidence in i.e. skills, job, relationship etc)

I am confident about me

I forgive myself for doubting me in the past

I forgive myself for staying stuck

I forgive anyone else who may have doubted me in the past

I release them to their own karma

I release them from the need for an apology


I accept me now

I set myself free

I release this self-doubt

I am the best version of me that I can

I am better every day


I switch off self doubt

That’s not me, that’s simply wiring….

The more confident I am the better I feel

The better I feel, the more confident I am

I choose confidence, I feel good

Stronger every day

I am calm and capable

Then as you breathe out:

I switch off self doubt and activate confidence

I activate strength, I feel good

I am free

I choose me

I choose strength

The past is the past, enough is enough

I move on I move forward

I forgive myself and l let it go

I feel good, I feel great, I am confident

I let it go….

I let it go…

I let it go….

Assess how you feel and if you need to repeat the recipe do so now or if you feel free of this issue, use my recipe to switch off other unhelpful feelings or emotions keeping you stuck.


I have so many other BRAIN TRAINING RECIPES and MIND POTENTIAL strategies to help … so reach out and ask… because you deserve freedom…

To your potential


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