2017 – The Year of Business Potential

By Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

2017 is definitely upon us and with it flows the season of renewal and revitalization of personal and business potential. This time of year invokes many issues and changes for people everywhere, particularly after a tough year for many of us has ended and the new has rolled in, perhaps it’s time to shine this year.

If you are in the wellness or coaching industry like me, you may also have noticed clients reacting to the turning of the year in different ways too. This brings me to the topic of self-care. Reminding you that if you are in the business of helping others that you are nurturing yourself too. I am not just talking about the basics like nourishment and nutrition; I am talking about paying attention to the bigger picture. Your goals, your ‘overall’ business potential plan, the meaning and the fulfilment that propels you, needs to be nurtured also. If you are already succumbing to the tendency to spread yourself too thin or questioning whether this year will be the same as last, then I’d like you to consider if you tick any of these boxes:

  • Your business potential plateaued last year leaving you feeling stuck.
  • You under value and therefore under-sell the impact you have on your client’s lives
  • You think you can’t expand your business till you have even more success stories to back you up
  • You want that success, however you worry if you get too busy you won’t have time to manage the family too
  • You often wonder if it’ll ever get easier
  • You question what will happen if you do overcome the fear of failure only to stress that you’ve activated your subconscious fear of success

…on the flip side they too wonder how to get enough clients

Perhaps you don’t feel you have the time or the know-how, the resources or skill set to achieve the kind of business potential that go hand in hand with financial and lifestyle orientated freedom. Believe me when I say this is so common it’s crazy. So many people might look super ‘successful’ on the projection side when in fact on the flip side they too are wondering how they are going to get enough clients to pay the bills as well as save up for that next getaway or hold that launch, publish that book…achieve those other goals on the growing list of maybes. A lovely holiday would be great wouldn’t it? In a perfect world, you would be spending more time doing what you love in a dynamic and seamless way that leaves you breathless with contentedness. “Is this even possible?” I can hear you snort from here! “Pfft, Maggie, what rot! I wish!”

Often it’s the space we lack between the micro running of a business and the creative process that would allow us to observe for a moment and see from that perspective the prerequisites for getting your mind and business into growth mode. It is a common thread that runs along the seam of passion filled people, and we all know it’s not simply about ‘the money’… it is about finally achieving the peace of mind that comes with freedom. As wellness practitioners and coaches, we started with a goal of helping and inspiring others, once we also have a foundation built on financial stability too, we enhance the output with clients and their results improve too.

Oh boy, can I relate to this! In 2002, I started a therapy and coaching center. After a couple of years, it was fulfilling, but I found I was working harder and doing very long hours that interfered with health and family life. After a few medical hiatuses from my business due to the stress of it, I moved interstate and had to start all over again in 2013. The new beginning was the best thing that could have happened to my business because it made me address the way in which I had been reaching clients and earning that income. I asked myself one question: “What kind of business did I want to recreate?”

Once I had that clarity, I grew the business in the first 12 short months in a new town with little or no existing customers to exceeding anything I had done before! Since then I continue to grow each year. I now work far fewer hours and have far less stress on my health. This then flows on in the way I initially set out all those years ago, with a foundation built on financial stability which would, in turn, enhance client experience with honest, powerful and positive results.

Not long ago I had the light-bulb moment that would set a whole new and exciting journey in motion. It was during a mentoring session poolside in a tropical getaway, and I was sitting beside clear blue water, soaking in the morning while speaking with a client. My client commented that she would love to be working somewhere exotic or exciting and my response was ‘but you can.’

Is it the ‘carer’s’ time to shine and be their potential too?

The client asked how…and so began the thought; who is caring for the carer? What about the Practitioner’s’ business potential too? Was it time for me to share this information?

My goal is to help people as I’ve done in the past but with an edge now also blueprinted for professionals, helping them improve their impact in the world.

It is just so imperative to nurture you, nurture your goals with positive action and implementing the steps you need to make to get those goals happening in real time for you too! The recipe for unleashing your potential as a Practitioner starts with clarity about what kind of business you actually want too.

Get clear, then it’s time to shine your business potential brightly!

please remember it is YOUR TIME TO SHINE- SO GET CLEAR AND THEN SHINE BRIGHTLY. If not, please do yourself a favour and create the healthy mind space you need to sustain, nourish and nurture You in amongst the haste and the world.

Unleashing Your Potential

X Maggie Wilde

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