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Take the free quiz. Receive immediate and personalised results in your inbox. Learn how to deal with different eating triggers and cravings such as: stress and boredom eating, reward or social eating and more. Make this the year you achieve your health or weight goals.


Unzip Weight Brain Training Program

To change your body permanently, you must also change your mind. Relax back and train your mind to make healthy choices easily. Switch off cravings, comfort eating and release weight fast! Build self-esteem and body confidence. Rewire your mind to help your body.


Practitioner & Coach Events

The best day you’ll ever spend growing your business. How to gain industry credibility and use the SCALE MODEL to grow your business, help more people, work less and earn more. Walk away with a tailored plan to take your business to the next level. Upcoming Australian dates for this 1-day event coming soon!


Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

Maggie guides you to unleash your potential – fast!

She is a Publisher to the Wellness Industry, a 10-time award winning Author, a Clinical Therapist and creator of the unique Control, Program and Rewire (C P R) Brain Training Model™

Having developed 8 online courses, multiple books and Live Events, Maggie has helped transform tens of thousands of lives. She now helps other Wellness Practitioners share their message with the world too.

When a Practitioner has a vision to be a respected author or to help more people with their own book, online course, events or products, Maggie is the Wellness Industry’s 'goto' Mentor and Publisher.

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