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Mind Potential - Unzip E-Book

Mind Potential - Unzip E-Book
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Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind

  • If you wish to read this book on Kindle please download the .mobi file
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Paperback Out Now! You can order your paperback version here

(Also featuring guest authors - renegade fitness experts Sharny & Julius Kieser)

Have you ever battled with boredom eating or comfort cravings? Are you fed up with ridiculous yo-yo dieting? Do you wish you could unzip the fat suit to reveal the slim and healthy you permanently?

To change your body permanently you must also change your mind. This book provides the missing keys that every other weight loss book or program needs. 100s of strategies and programming techniques to help you eliminate greedy appetite and cravings and put a stop to unhealthy food and exercise issues for good. By harnessing the power of your mind and using Maggie Wilde’s unique Unzip the Fat Suit ‘CPR - Mind Potential Kit™ you can create your slim and healthy body with ease. The motivation to exercise, the ability to drop kilos easily and make healthy choices willingly is finally within your control!

The Book comes with FREE brain training audio downloads comprising the complete Unzip the Fat Suit programs. (For those who prefer a DVD instead of downloads you can order one free and only pay postage).

The complete Unzip the Fat Suit CPR audio program contains Maggie Wilde’s unique:


  • C = Control unhelpful thoughts, cravings, emotions and habits easily with 6 Mind Potential audios & demonstration videos
  • P = Program your mind for slim and healthy with 3 Mind Potential habit changing audios
  • R = Rewire your brain permanently for your ideal weight, shape and size with 4 Mind Potential brain training audios

Open your mind to the potential of the slim and healthy you and discover the easy steps to put yourself back in control of what you eat, why, when and how much you eat. Your mind has the answers to motivate you and create that slimmer you: This book and the Unzip the Fat Suit CPR - Mind Potential Kit™ provide the keys to unlock the potential within your mind.

E-Book - Including 13 Free Audio Downloads (valued at over $160)

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